December 27, 2011

Tis the Season: Posted by David

Many a holiday seems to revolve around a need to obsess over something. We obsess over candy and costumes on Halloween, turkey and stuffing on Thanksgiving, fireworks, bunnies, and the list goes on. However one holiday stands out amongst holidays which deal with obsession, to the point that we've become obsessed with not appearing obsessed about it.

I could continue the pointless build up, but you know what I'm talking about, Christmas.

As the day passes, many of us will find ourselves returning unwanted gifts for more wanted gifts (or straight up cash) and prepare for the upcoming New Years Eve, which comes so soon after Christmas that there's hardly any time at all to obsess over it! But wasn't it grand, those weeks preceding Christmas where there was all that mystery?

And what's better to obsess about than a mystery?

From all of us at Obsession Literature Magazine, it our hope that you had a Merry Christmas or, if Christmas isn't your holiday of choice, that you enjoyed a holiday that left you with a heap of memories, or even better, a trove of ideas to mine as we enter the holiday dry season. Enjoy the coming New Year, and look for more enlightening writing after this holiday passing.

David is one of the founders and editors of Obsession Literary Magazine and the maintainer of Obsession's blog.

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